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Training Days in China


Driven by the company's innovation, an internal training day kicked off, aimed to fully popularize the latest product knowledge for the company's business team and help every employee become a technical master of new products.

The internal training day was themed on the company's newly launched products, SQT Gentle Cleansing Cream and SQT Intensive Restore Cream. Product developers were invited to explain in depth the efficacy, ingredients, advantages and usage of the new products. The business team was led by the product developers to understand the company's new product development history and product features one by one.

In order to better enable the business team to understand the efficacy of the new product, every colleague was allowed to use it personally and experience the cleaning and moisturizing effect of the product.

The business team shared their experience of using the new products based on their own understanding and experience. This not only promotes communication and cooperation within the team, but also provides practical feedback for further optimization of the product.

There was an interactive Q&A session at the training site, where colleagues actively asked questions about the new product. The product developers gave detailed answers to help colleagues understand the technology and concepts behind the products in a deeper way, ensuring that every colleague had a comprehensive understanding of the new products.