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Training Days in Romania


The event provided in-depth learning opportunities for esthetician who are planning to join SQT, and opened a brand new door for the future of beauty.

The exquisite technology is amazing by professional instructors’ preaching.

At the beginning of the activity, the professional instructors presented a technical feast on biomicroneedling for the esthetician. Through in-depth explanations, they revealed the principles and technical essentials of biomicroneedling. Participants were eager to ask questions and actively participate in the event, which was a warm and orderly scene. The profound experience and professional knowledge of the instructors provided strong support for the participants to improve their skills.

Practical operation experience help people to feel the magic of biomicroneedling.

Immediately afterward, the trainees stepped into the practical operation session. Under the guidance of the instructors, each participant experienced the magic of biomicroneedling with their own hands. During the operation, the uniqueness of the biomicroneedling technology triggered a burst of cheers. At this time, the cosmetologists seemed like artists, using biomicroneedlingto draw beautiful pictures for people.