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Training Days in Romania


The SQT Biomicroneedling Training Day was held in November 2023, conducted by SQT's most professional training instructor of Romania.

The training session was designed to help participants master the Biomicroneedling technique, understand the principle of action and use of Biomicroneedling.

Biomicroneedling technology can stimulate the skin through millions micro needles and promotes the skin's own repair and regeneration ability; at the same time, bio-microneedling also promotes the skin's absorption function, so that the skin's absorption of the effective ingredients is strengthened by 50 times.

It has a wide range of effects, such as skin tightening, rejuvenation, whitening, lightening of spots, and elimination of acne.

SQT Biomicroneedling students are always curious about natural,creative and new technologies. Let’s promote together the development of thisrevolutionarynatural technology.