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Biomicroneedling - The Best Natural Acne and Scar Treatment Available!


Biomicroneedling - the best natural acne and scar treatment available!

Are you still struggling with acne and acne scars? Are you ready for a natural, painless, and minimally invasive solution that can prompt rapid recovery and healing of your skin without causing deeper punctures, bleeding, or the use of irritating chemicals?

Dr. Qin is proud to announce that we now offer such a solution: a brand-new, painless, and effective treatment for acne and acne scars - natural, gentle skin renewal with a quick recovery time.

Biomicroneedle Therapy - The Best Natural Treatment for Acne and Scars

This revolutionary facial treatment delivers the effects of microdermabrasion without the use of needles!Biomicroneedle therapy (also known as collagen induction therapy) is a non-invasive, gentle, and efficient skincare method.

Compared to other treatment methods, biomicroneedle therapy may have some discomfort, but the recovery time is shorter:

Painless: The needles used in microneedle therapy are tiny and fine, causing only slight discomfort without piercing the skin or causing bleeding.

Safe: A natural therapy that does not contain irritating chemicals, suitable for all skin types.

Convenient: The treatment is quick, requires no downtime, and the skin recovers rapidly (in less than a week!).

Effective: Skin conditions will significantly improve just 7 days after the treatment, compared to traditional microneedle therapy (15-20 days).