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‘I Had a Beard of Acne – My Skin Was so Bad I Looked Like BUTTERED RYVITA’


This is a real case of SQT biomicroneedling that was featured in NTK. Here is the case report.


‘I had a beard of acne – my skin was so bad I looked like BUTTERED RYVITA’

A woman has shared her horrific experience with sudden adult acne, saying it left her skin looking like “buttered Ryvita”.Katie Morgan first developed acne in 2022 after years of having clear skin.

The “cystic” breakouts were so severe she didn’t go out in public for months and felt so sore she wasn’t able to use make-up, which would often only worsen the symptoms.

To make matters worse, she felt extremely self-conscious, especially given her job as an aesthetic practitioner, working on skin health.


Katie’s skin on day 2 of SQT biomicroneedling treatment (Credits: Jam Press)

“I had horrendous breakouts that were so deep and sore,” the 36-year-old, from Essex, told

“I was so self-conscious when I didn’t wear make-up, but when I did it would make them worse, and my skin looked like buttered Ryvita.

“It made it stand out more and I was always very, very aware of the acne.

“It was very cystic and it really hurt!

“It was awful!”

Although extremely common in people under the age of 30, the NHS reports that adult acne only appears in approximately 3% of adults.

Causing large spots, oily skin and sore patches, Katie felt unable to work as she felt clients may judge her skills based on her appearance.


Katie’s skin after using SQT biomicroneedling treatment for the first time (Credits: Jam Press)

Due to Covid restrictions, she was sometimes able to hide her face with a mask – until restrictions were lifted.

She said: “My own skin was covered in aggressive acne and I know I wouldn’t go to someone with bad skin for treatment.

“Having a horrendous beard of acne made me feel like I wasn’t worthy of doing the job.

“It knocked my confidence personally and professionally.

“I didn’t feel like I was good enough to be in the skin industry, as standards are higher than ever, and I didn’t feel like I fit in when I had terrible skin myself.

“I couldn’t look at my clients in the eye, as having a face full of angry, adult acne made me really self-conscious.”

After three months, Katie had enough.

She contacted the managing director of Cosmeceuticals, Ashley Wady, for advice who recommended SQT biomicroneedling treatment.

The treatment uses spongilla spicules, a freshwater sponge with over three million microscopic needles, to massage the skin for five minutes.

And Katie says the results were miraculous.


Katie before developing acne (Credits: Jam Press)

Within seven days, her skin had made an incredible transformation, returning to its former glory.

She added: “I went from having unsightly, painful acne to having flawless, glowing skin.

“It honestly felt like a miracle and I was genuinely transformed in seven days, both physically with my skin cleared up, but also mentally… it boosted how I felt about myself.

“My confidence returned and I was able to look my clients in the eye again without feeling like they were judging my skin and looking at me with worse skin than them.

“I was so blown away by the result, that I then decided to train with SQT and offer it to others, who like me, had their lives and confidence affected by acne.

“It changed my life.”