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SQT New Product Launch


SQT New Product Launch

Host Time: 2024-1-11

In January, 2024, SQT Beauty launched our new core treatment set - SQT Nourishing Hydrating Set and conducted a New Product Launch Training on the 11th, aiming to introduce and train the relevant knowledge, skills and sales techniques of our new product, so that our sales as well as the customers can have a better understanding of the new product's features, functions, competitive advantages as well as market Positioning.

The skin nourishing mechanism of the SQT Nourishing Hydrating Kit is based on the basic composition of human skin, focusing on replenishing moisture (about 65% of the skin) and oil (about 5% of the skin) in order to guarantee the most fundamental skin functions.

The importance of moisture in the skin:

1. forms a healthy skin barrier against external damage.

2. is an important component of the dermal structure. Insufficient water content can lead to wrinkles and loss of elasticity. 

3. Lack of water in the skin can cause: dullness, roughness, sensitivity, redness, enlarged pores and fine lines.

The importance of oils in the skin:

1. Protect against ultraviolet damage

2. form intercellular lipids & skin barrier to prevent water loss.

3. multifunctional mediators that influence epidermal metabolism, inflammatory responses, cell proliferation and differentiation.

4. Lipids are growth mediators or bacteriostatic agents for the skin's resident microflora.

SQT Nourishing Hydrating Kit allows a better skin absorption up to 30-100 times of active ingredients of different sizes through the dermal-promoting absorption effect of Spongilla Spicules.

Core Ingredient - MYROTHAMNUS FLABELLIFOLIA. Even though it loses up to 98% of its own water, as long as it touches water, it can open new buds.

MYROTHAMNUS FLABELLIFOLIAResurrection Factor - Glycerol Glucoside. It has stronger hydrating and moisturizing ability than hyaluronic acid, at the same time, it has high repairing and anti-inflammatory ability.

Compound a variety of active ingredients, the use of enzyme technology, cross-linking technology, genetic engineering technology and bionic sebum technology, the most skin for the most deep, comprehensive and efficient nourishment.